Friday, February 10, 2012

10 Days Giveaway by Atie


1. Click here: Adorable Muslimah

2. Then, click here: Atie's Contest Pic and click "Like" button

3. Share to your friends as much as you can by tagging them to the pic
(each successful LIKE from your friend will be counted -- see Prizes below)
IMPORTANT: Do notify me the name of your friends who successfully "Like" my pic to my email (atieneo07@gmail.com) or together with your entry link in
this entry's comment box ~

4. LIKE my FanPage:

5. Follow my Blog: Hidupku Ibadahku

6. Follow my Blogshop: Crochet Gadis Pekan

7. Copy the above banner & link to this entry

8. Make an entry with the title: "10 DAYS GIVEAWAY BY ATIE"
and include this quote "All The Best Atie!" at the end of your entry

9. Last but not least, leave the details as per below in this entry's comment box
* your entry permalink
* your Facebook ID
* your Blog ID
* your friend's Facebook ID who successfully "Like" my contest pic
(or you can email to atieneo07@gmail.com)

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